Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files installed on your computer on Internet sites that we visit. They are widely used to ensure the proper functioning of websites, allow for faster and more efficient navigation and also provide information to website owners.

How and why are cookies used?
Cookies are intended to optimize the use and functionality of our sites, to better understand visitors’ behavior on our sites and to identify the tools and services they offer. Storing cookies on your computer is an easy and convenient way to customize or enhance your experience on our sites, as well as to make your visit more enjoyable. We do not use cookies for the collection of personal information, such as your name; however, we may link information contained in a cookie to your personal information collected by other means (eg, general website registration).

What types of cookies are used?
By visiting this site, the following types of Cookies are used.

Required Cookies
These are cookies required for the operation of the site. Without these cookies, this site will not function properly.

Functional Cookies
These are cookies installed to improve the functionality of the site. For example, cookies that reflect the content you view on this site or the email address and password provided by you when you sign up for an earlier visit to this site. Cookies can also recall articles placed by you in your shopping cart during a visit to a Nestlé online store. Therefore, the use of Functional Cookies may allow us to serve you in a personalized way according to your interests, saving you the time of having to re-subscribe or re-enter information when you return to this site or try to access to certain areas intended only for members. On certain sites, cookies allow us to store your favorite recipes, activities, points or maximum scores. We may also use cookies to restrict access to certain activities by minors.

Primary Cookies
They are cookies set up by this site, being the only one that can read them.

Third Party Cookies
These are cookies set up by third parties that we use for various services (for example, website analysis or advertising).

Flash Cookies
We also use Flash Cookies to store your preferences, such as volume control or the maximum score you get in a game, or for the display of content based on what you see on our site, in order to customize your visit. Third parties with whom we have partnerships in providing certain functions on our sites, such as games and promotions, Flash Cookies are used for the collection and storage of non-personal information. Flash Cookies are different from the other cookies used on this site, due to the amount and type of data used and how they are stored. The cookie management tools provided by your Internet browser can not remove Flash Cookies.

How can I block the use of cookies?
You can make changes to your cookie settings at any time. You should follow the instructions below. By disabling cookies, your site may not function properly.
How you can enable and disable cookies in your internet browser (browser)

Google Chrome
The user has full control over the cookie permissions in Google Chrome. By default, all cookies are allowed, but you can adjust this setting. If cookies have been set or locked on the page you are viewing, an icon appears at the end of the address bar.

Click the Chrome menu in the toolbar
Select “Settings”
Click “Show advanced settings”
In the “Privacy” section, click the “Content settings”
Select the option “Block data definition by sites”
You can change the following cookie settings in the “Cookies” section:
– Delete cookies
– Block cookies by default
– Allow cookies by default
– Keep cookies and website data by default until you leave the browser
– Create exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains
Note: There are several levels of enabling and disabling cookies in Google Chrome. For more information about cookies settings in Google Chrome, see

Microsoft Internet Explorer
To disable all cookies in Internet Explorer:

Click on the “Tools” menu and choose the option “Internet Options”
Select the “Privacy” tab
Move the bar to the top, where you will see “Block all cookies”
Note: There are several levels of enabling and disabling cookies in Internet Explorer. For more information about Internet Explorer cookie settings, see the Microsoft Web page

Mozilla Firefox
To disable all cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

Click the “Tools” menu
Select “Options”
Click on the “Privacy” icon located on the top panel
In the “Cookies” section uncheck “Accept cookies from sites”
Click “OK” to save your changes and close
Note: There are several levels of enabling and disabling cookies in Mozilla Firefox. For more information about cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox, see Cookies

To disable all cookies in Safari:

Click “Edit”
Select “Preferences”
In the top panel, select the “Privacy” icon
In the “Accept cookies” section, select “Never”
Note: There are several levels of enabling and disabling cookies in Safari. For more information on cookie settings in Safari, see

All other Internet browsers (browsers)
Please look in the “help” menu of your browser or contact your browser vendor.


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